About us

Name and Brand

Parceval, or Perzival, is a character in the classic novel ‘Conte du Graal’ (Story of the grail) by Chretien de Troyes. Perzival is a knight of King Arthur’s round table. Although it is Galahad who, in the end, finds the grail, Perzival’s help was indispensible during his quest.

Perzival was not the most important knight at the round table, but he was a good advisor to Arthur. Our brandmark represents this central idea. The round tables of our two companies, coming together to achieve a common goal.

Core values

Our success is the success of our customers. That is why our customers’ goals are always the starting point of all our actions. For us, that goes beyond just delivering good work. This also extends to an excellent experience during the course of our collaboration. We pride ourselves in a positive attitude, high competence and a pro-active attitude.

For us, integrity means recognizing the difference between good and evil and choosing to do the right thing.

We encourage a culture of initiative and boldness. Seeing opportunities for improvement, coming up with ideas and taking actions.

We take ownership and responsibility over our projects. That means respecting each other’s need for personal growth, but also encouraging constructive criticism. We make our own choices and bear responsibility for the resulting results.

Trust is the foundation of every relationship and is paramount for a sustainable collaboration. We build trust by acting honestly and transparant, both towards each other and towards our clients.