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Procurement | Sourcingstrategy
Do it yourself, hiring additional staff, outsourcing or buying as-a-service? As a growing company, you need to make difficult choices in how far you remove your operations from your core business. Should a bank have an internal IT department? Or an insurance company it’s own recruitment and selection department? How do you scale with a changing workload? You have more options than you think. We’ll advise you on sourcing options and pitfalls.

Procurement | Supplier selection and contracting
The purchase of services and products of the desired quality at the right terms and conditions is often a long process of looking for suppliers, comparing quotations, negotiating terms and prices and drawing up contracts. Perzival Consulting helps clients go through this process as efficiently as possible with the most favorable outcome for their organization.

Human Capital
Work is carried out by people. As your organization grows, staff growth is an important part of your sourcing issue. Personal growth of individual employees in a changing organization and growth of your total workforce. From the acute need to the strategy of tomorrow. Perzival is your partner in the introduction of strategic personnel planning (SPP), sustainable employability, knowledge assurance and transfer, recruitment and selection, training and competence development.

A smooth-running sales organization is indispensable for a growing company. Are your sales channels and funnels effectively organized? Does your organization have a clear market and account strategy? Do your sales people know how they can ‘shape’ complex deals and increase win-chances? Perzival Consulting guides your company through these processes and trains your people.

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Risk Management
Risks that could jeopardize the survival of your company sometimes lie in simple, seemingly innocent agreements. They can originate from agreements with suppliers, government and market regulations and of course contracts with customers. Our consultants are specialists in identifying these business risks and help you find solutions to minimize risks.